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Bulk Stack

Bulk Stack

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The Bulk Bundle is the perfect duo for individuals who are looking to size up, and fast. Including our all natural, clinically tested OptiNOs: Nitric Oxide Booster + Muscle Builder and Creatine, this bundle will be sure to help you put on that extra size you’re looking for in no time.

Naturally, our bodies’ only use 10-25% of the protein we consume for muscle building. However, with OptiNOs over 70% of the protein you consume will be used for muscle building, instead of fuel. In clinical studies participants worked out 6 months, while taking OptiNOs and resulted in:

  • 12x Average Increase in Arm Size

  • 58 LB Increase in Bench Press

  • 78 LB Increase in Leg Press

  • 6X More Endurance

  • 4x the Amount of Muscle Fibers

  • 3X More Lean Body Mass

  •  140% Improved Lactate Clearance

  •  Increases  Energy and Endurance

  • Enhances Muscle Building and Recovery