Protein Stack - Whey+ and OptiNOs
Protein Stack - Whey+ and OptiNOs
Protein Stack - Whey+ and OptiNOs
Protein Stack - Whey+ and OptiNOs
Protein Stack - Whey+ and OptiNOs
Protein Stack - Whey+ and OptiNOs

Protein Stack - Whey+ and OptiNOs

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Product Description:

The Protein Stack, created for individuals who are extremely serious when it comes to their protein intake. Break through plateaus, pack on the muscle, and hit all your macro goals with this powerful duo.

Top Reasons to Supplement with Protein Stack 
  • Nitric Oxide Booster
  • Increases Vasodialation
  • Helps Increase Muscle Endurance
  • Clinically Tested Ingredient
  • Redirect 4x More Protein to Muscle Building
  • Superior Absorption Whey Protein Blend
  • Supports Gut, Joint, and Skin Health
  • Added Fermented BCAAs Supports Recovery & Muscle Building


OptiNOs: Adults take three (3) capsules daily, 30 minutes before your workout.

Whey+ Protein Isolate Powder: Mix 1 scoop with 8-12 oz of water, milk, or smoothie (use more a less liquid depending on your taste preference) for 30 seconds

Supplement Facts:

OptiNOs Proprietary Blend: 

Turmeric Extract (as Curcuma Longa)(Rhizome) Standardized to 4% curcuminoids, Veldt Grape Extract (as Cissus Quadrangularis)(aerial parts), Bishop's Weed Extract (as Trachyspermum Ammi)(fruit) Standardized to 3% thymol................................................ 750 mg        **

Nitric Oxide Complex: L-Citrulline (Bio-Fermented)***, L-Arginine (Bio-fermented)***......................................... 1200 mg       **

Whey+ Protein Isolate Powder:

Protein 26 g, Whey Protein Isolate 23.7 g, Collagen Peptides 3.0 g, Added Fermented BCAA 2:1:1 2.0 g, Magnesium 18 mg, Vitamin B-6 10 mg, Vitamin D 25 mcg, Vitamin K 20 mcg, Calcium 96 mg, Potassium 137 mg, Phosphorus 64 mg, Enzyme Blend: 200 mg (Protease, Papain,Lactase, and Bromelain)

BCAA: 7.5 grams of BCAAs
EAA (Essential Amino Acids): 13.8 grams of EAAs


Why is this bundle for Muscle Building? 

Powered by mTOR Technology, clinically tested and all-natural, OptiNOs® Nitric Oxide Booster & Muscle Builder stimulates pathways to promote the anabolic process and increase muscle biosynthesis. OptiNOs will give you the best pump to get your workout going, consistent strength to power through your workouts, shorten your recovery time, and maximize your body’s ability to build muscle by directing the protein you consume specifically for muscle building. The result? Faster gains and shorter recovery times. Combined with our Whey+ Protein Isolate Powder with collagen peptides, fermented BCAAs, enzyme blend, and a vitamin and mineral blend, this bundle will help maximize protein absorption and boost muscle building and recovery. 

Key Benefits

Helps Maximize Muscle Building & Recovery
Digestive Enzymes for Easy Digestion
Nitric Oxide Booster
Maximize Protein Absorption for Muscle Building

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