How to Build Muscle Faster

We all wish there was a magic pill to get our desired results instantly.. Wouldn't that be nice? Some may think so; some may say think the grind makes us appreciate the results even more. But.. what if we told you we have the key to unlock your results FASTER! Now, if you don't want to put in the work this isn't for you. HOWEVER.. for those who are willing to be consistent, committed, and work hard we've got the key to unleashing results shockingly faster. 

Here are the stats from this method in just 6 weeks!! 

- 12X Average Increase in Arm Size*

- 58 LB Increase in Bench Press*

- 78 LB Increase in Leg Press*

- 6X More Endurance*

- 140% Improved Lactate Clearance*

- 3X More Lean Body Mass*

Sounds unbelievable? We thought the same thing, but let's break down how it works. These results are from our clinical study of our product OptiNOs.

OptiNOs works through 2 unique biopathways that help with muscle building and recovery.

1st: OptiNOs triggers the mTOR gene turning on protein synthesis, this is a fancy way of saying OptiNOs uses more of the protein you already consuming for muscle building instead of energy. Since you body is now using this protein for muscle building, now the carbs and fats you eat are being used for energy.

2nd: OptiNOs triggers the eNOS gene turning on nitric oxide production. Not only will this aid in some killer pumps, but it will also help with muscle endurance and strength. With improved blood flow your body is able to get more nutrients where they are need in the body resulting in better performance. 

These two bio pathways working together also aid in SIGNIFICANTLY shorter recovery time. In the clinical study lactate acid clearance was improved 140%!! If you are recovering quicker, your muscles are repairing faster!

*These results are compared to the placebo group in a 6 week clinical trial.

Let's address the Elephant in the room...

Sure, someone who just jumps in the gym after not working out for years could achieve these goals pretty quickly, this may be what you are thinking.. In the clinical study, individuals had reached their plateaus prior to the study! Thus, they were in the gym for at least 6 months consistently prior to entering the study.

Let's address the OTHER Elephant in the room..

Is it a steroid?

NO. OptiNOs is 100% natural muscle builder and has no adverse side effects. It doesn't mess with your T levels or any hormones for that matter. 

It is made up of a patented blend of extracts of these three herbs - Cissus Extract, Curcuma Extract, and Trachyspermum Extract to activate protein synthesis machinery by activating mTOR signaling in skeletal muscle cells. This breakthrough via mTOR signaling leads to more protein stored in your skeletal muscles which increases muscle mass!

 So - what're you waiting for?

It's awesome that you put in the hours to get results, and we applaud your dedication! But isn't it about time to get FASTER results and MORE nutrients to your muscles?! We sure think so. 

Add OptiNOs to your routine now to supercharge those workouts and enjoy those results.