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The Keto Diet: 101 Guide for Beginners
The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, but high-fat diet that’s similar to the Atkins diet. Ketogenic diets have many health benefits such as quick weight loss, and appetite suppression, to name a couple. In this article we will be giving you the 1-0-1 on keto diets, and a beginners keto-meal plan to follow so you can try it yourself! 
Upper Body Focused Functional Stability Training with EC Athlete Cody
EC Athlete Cody showing us a few exercises he does to improve his functionality and stability while simultaneously targeting his chest, bicep, and triceps muscles.
20 Must-Have Foods for Cutting

From the authors that brought you “20 Must-Have Foods for Bulking Up”, we now bring you “20 Must-Have Food to Cut”.

If you’re trying to cut (aka lean out), here are the top 20 foods you’ll want to keep in your fridge and why. 

Leg Day with EC Athlete Cody

This week at EC Sports we're bringing you a complete leg day workout guaranteed to leave you crawling out of bed the next day.

Performed by EC Athlete Cody, we will be looking at 6 staple moves of any great leg day routine.


Top 3 Most Effective Ab Exercises

Training your core muscles is important for a number of reasons. 

Give this blog a quick read for an inside look at why you should train your core, and 3 great abdominal exercises to get you started. 

Fermented VS Non Fermented BCAA’s
BCAAs, more commonly known as branched chained amino acids, are the “building blocks” of protein and consist of three key essential amino acids: L...
How should you train your triceps?

When it comes to the triceps, the basics are heavy, compound barbell movements.

That means exercises such as the bench (close-grip bench press, overhead press—even dips (especially once they’re weighted).

What Is A Supplement Stack?

What are the benefits to stacking supplements?

What is the best stack for gaining muscle?

What is the best stack for fat loss?

Read more here. 

IFBB Bikini Pro Jess TOP Shoulder Exercises
IFBB Bikini Pro Jess's favorite day of the week is shoulder day! You can probably tell that just by her perfectly sculpted shoulders though... In t...
Staying Fit through the Holidays

With all these delicious festivities going on, it can be hard to stay on track with your fitness goals and refuse to indulge in all sorts of tempting treats. 

In this article we are going to provide 7 helpful tips to keep you on track with your goals throughout the holiday season.

Adam’s Top Tips for Training Chest

EC Athlete Adam Powell is no stranger to training chest, in fact, we’re pretty sure it’s one of his favorite groups to hit.

Adam knows how important it is to not only train, but train correctly. That’s why when he hits his chest workouts for the week; he makes sure he follows these 3 tips...

EC Sports - Inside the Facility
Take a peek inside the EC Sports Facility. From our home to yours, know where your supplements come from.



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