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What Is A Supplement Stack?

What are the benefits to stacking supplements?

What is the best stack for gaining muscle?

What is the best stack for fat loss?

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IFBB Bikini Pro Jess TOP Shoulder Exercises
IFBB Bikini Pro Jess's favorite day of the week is shoulder day! You can probably tell that just by her perfectly sculpted shoulders though... In this blog,  IFBB Bikini Pro Jess will demonstrate how to do dumbbell single-arm lateral raises, dumbbell...
Staying Fit through the Holidays

With all these delicious festivities going on, it can be hard to stay on track with your fitness goals and refuse to indulge in all sorts of tempting treats. 

In this article we are going to provide 7 helpful tips to keep you on track with your goals throughout the holiday season.

Adam’s Top Tips for Training Chest

EC Athlete Adam Powell is no stranger to training chest, in fact, we’re pretty sure it’s one of his favorite groups to hit.

Adam knows how important it is to not only train, but train correctly. That’s why when he hits his chest workouts for the week; he makes sure he follows these 3 tips...

EC Sports - Inside the Facility
Take a peek inside the EC Sports Facility. From our home to yours, know where your supplements come from.
20 Must-Have Foods for Bulking Up
If you’re looking to gain lean muscle mass, you should focus on getting regular exercise and eating in a caloric surplus of muscle-building foods. Here are the top 20 foods for gaining lean muscle
ThermoShred: The All-Natural Thermoge..
Most thermogenic fat burners are loaded with caffeine, which tends to lead to a caffeine crash a few hours after taking the substance. ThermoShred, however, uses 99 percent pure caffeine derived from green tea and green coffee beans. We combined this natural caffeine….

TRX workouts incorporate one’s own body weight in order to build strength and muscle. TRX straps are highly portable, making it easy to do this workout virtually anywhere with an available mounted bar or door frame. And because TRX workouts heavily rely on an individual’s body weight, they can be easily manipulated to accommodate a variety of fitness levels.

Hump Day is Leg Day

In this article I will include my favorite exercises for building muscle, and adding some serious mass to your legs.

Now eat up, and get to the gym, you have legs to build!

ADVANCED: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps
Ah Mondays, the dreaded start of the week when all us working souls head back to our 9-5’s. After a long day at work, it’s nice to have something to look forward too. For me, that “something” is the gym....
FULL PUSH - Total Domination Upper Body Workout

Everyone loves a good leg day, but upper body days are just as important.

And just like leg day has its many benefits, training upper body has many benefits too.

Back Day Burn Out
If you’re yearning for that nice V-shaped back, here is a great routine which includes some of our favorite back exercises that will help you achieve that, coveted, perfect V-shape.
The "Can't Walk Tomorrow" Leg Day Workout

We’re calling this one the “can’t walk tomorrow booty day” workout.

In this leg/booty workout, we will take a look at four different super sets that are guaranteed to leave you crawling out of the gym.

Pre-Workout Nutrition What to Eat Before the Gym & Why

What you eat prior to exercise is important. Your pre-workout meal will help you maximize your performance and minimize muscle damage.

Here is everything you need to know about pre-workout nutrition.

5 Effective Fat Shredding Exercises

The best exercises to do when trying to lose weight are full body exercises that keep your whole body moving and your heart rate up.

Here we are going to give you 5 great exercises that targeting fat loss, help improve your metabolism, mobility, stamina and overall strength.

Top 5 Best Bicep Workouts - Get Killer Biceps with these 5 Bicep Exercises
If you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you either don’t have the biceps you want yet or are looking for some new exercises to add to your routine. The biceps, while they may not be the strongest muscle group in the body, they are arguably the best “show” muscles.
Pre-workout VS. Energy Drinks Best Pre-Workout Drink
Can you substitute energy drinks with pre-workout supplements? Well, yes you can, but should you? The answer is no. Let’s dive into why pre-workout powders triumph over any and every energy drink.
The Bulking Diet: Bulk For Your Body Type
Most everyone wants a lean, muscular physique. However, a physique like such is not acquired overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and KNOWLEDGE on how to correctly achieve this goal efficiently. The bulking phase is essential to putting on muscle mass and gaining strength;
7 Different Ways to Optimize Your Muscle Building Results
Building muscle is not an overnight process. It takes consistency, dedication, and a lot of hard-work. However, if you’re applying these key traits and still aren’t seeing results, it may be a sign that your approach is off.  Plus, even if you are seeing progress, there’s no reason you can’t rev up your results to see even more.
Burning Fat VS Building Muscle Which is better for Long-Term Weight-Loss
The journey to weight loss can seem overwhelming in the beginning, and with so many different methods, programs, and regimens available, it can difficult figuring out where exactly you should start.
How to Build a Bigger, Stronger Butt in only 30 Days
If you want to really sculpt your glutes, there are a few basic key exercises to perform and perfect, along with clean eating, that will grant you the backside you so desire. If you’re ready to learn the simple science of building goddess-like glutes, and you’re ready to put in the hard-work and dedication it takes, please, continue reading.