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L-Carnitine: All-Around Benefits
Carnitine, an amino acid found in nearly all cells in your body, plays a crucial role in energy production by escorting long-chain fatty acids to your cells’ mitochondria, where they produce energy. The amino acid also assists in areas of weight loss, heart health, brain function and muscle gain.
PRE-WORKOUT 101: Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Workout
The famous pre-workout supplements have left a great deal of us with many unanswered questions. In this article I will help you learn how to choose the best pre-workout supplement for you, by telling you what to look for and more importantly, what to avoid.
Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition that affects around 30 million men worldwide. And although it is not rare for men to experience some problems with erections from time to time, when the condition is progressive or begins happening routinely during sex, professional diagnosis and treatment are required.
HIIT: More Effective than Steady State Cardio
With so many different ‘fat loss’ regimes out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose, but I find the most effective one to be HIIT workouts. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is impeccable for your heart, metabolism, and shredding body fat.
OptiNOs Safe, Natural Steroid Replacement
We’re all at the gym for more or less the same reason, to become stronger and healthier versions of ourselves. But just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, you don’t get the body of your dreams overnight.
OptiNOs: The Most Effective Nitric Oxide Booster on the Market
OptiNOs is a clinically tested, patented blend of 3 herbal extract ingredients, which acts as a safe steroid replacement. Not only is OptiNOs a great NO booster, as you'll reap all the benefits of Nitric Oxide such as: great pumps, better workouts, and increase your blood flow; it is also effective in speeding up protein synthesis; making it the most effective NO supplement on the market today.
Top 5 Ab Exercises that target Upper Abs, Lower Abs,

You want to squat heavier? Run faster? Lift more? Be more stable during yoga? It all starts with a strong core. We’ve all heard the saying, “consistency is key” and it couldn’t ring more true when it comes to training your abs.

OptiNOs The Ultimate Protein Pill
So, you may be a bit confused on why a supplement advertised as a nitric oxide booster is being promoted as a protein pill? Well, it actually is not a protein supplement, but instead helps your body used the protein you consume for muscle building.
Leg Day: Learn to love it and reap the rewards
The gym world is divided into two main groups, those who love leg day and those who HATE it (vast majority). However, regardless of our opinions, there seems to be a general consensus that a leg workout is an important part of the week (and a necessary evil!). I mean, we all want broad shoulders, with a tight core, and a big chest right?
A Healthy Alternative to Animal Products: Plant-based Protein for Athletes
For many of us, the idea of following a plant-based diet has probably crossed our minds at least once. But it all seems a bit daunting, doesn’t it? Soaking beans for days, looking up recipes,calculating the macronutrients.
Energy balance: Maintenance, Weight Gain and Weight Loss
In the last blog, we investigated macronutrient recommendations and calculating energy intake. Today we are going to draw upon some of that information, and take a look at energy balance e.g. weight loss and weight gain. Energy balance is the relationship between the energy in (calories consumed from food and drink) and energy out (calories burnt through exercise,metabolic processes, and bodily functions).
Maximize Your Protein & Improve Recovery
One of the most talked about topics in the lab, and on the gym floor, is recovery. How can I recover better? How can I reduce post-workout soreness? And, how do I get the gains I want? Well, here it is . . . unbiased, evidence-based, and scientifically proven, FACTS.
What Are Micro and Macro Nutrients?
I think that it’s fair to say that as active individuals, most of us have a basic understanding of sport, nutrition and the link between the two. However, we are only taught the very basics about nutrition in school, and therefore, often believe what we read without much convincing. This can lead to confusion and misconceptions about our food.
3 Tips to Build a Bigger Chest
The chest: a group of muscles that is to the gym-goer what a Ferrari is to a car club. Not far into any conversation about workout routines is the burning question: how much can you bench?
Eat Your Favorite foods AND get Results: Weight Loss, Recovery and Performance
If you’re reading this, you must be seeking the real truth about carbs! For what seems like an eternity, our friends, family and favorite celeb’s have warned us about carbs: “Carbs make you fat”, “carbs are the enemy”.However, anybody that has tried to cut out carbs will tell you that it is not fun, nor smart for that matter
Vital Tips to Build Bigger Biceps
Building bigger biceps is on the top of the list for many people outlining their fitness goals. Bicep workouts are one of the keys to unlocking the innate potential of your muscles, helping them look and feel their absolute best.
Shifting Through the Hype About Keto Diets
Diet trends come, and diet trends go. Walk into the nutrition section of a used book store and you’ll find high-carb, high-fat, and high-protein diets prescribed with equal zeal. But here we are. The year is 2018 and we’re talking about the Keto diet. 
5 Exercises to Build a Better Back
When most people start going to the gym, their focus is on a certain goal weight or body look. When it comes to looks, people we want to lose the belly fat, have toned muscles on the hands and legs. But have you ever thought of exercising your back? Very few people think about their backs when it comes to exercising. 
Intermediate Fasting: Fad or Effective?
Intermittent fasting: a short-lived fad or an effective way to shorten your waistline, build lean muscle and get results?
How to Meal Prep
If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail. How many times have we heard this before? I am not a big fan of such drastic ways of looking at things, but I do think that you have a much better chance of sticking with a healthy diet, if you give it a bit of thought, instead of just winging it.
Nitric Oxide and Why it is Good
So, you have decided to up your game and see even better results from your workouts. Or, maybe, you have reached a point where you are no longer seeing gains, and want to find a way to break that plateau. But it can also be that you are trying to find a way to just be healthier and able to function and think more efficiently.