How to Build a Bigger, Stronger Butt in only 30 Days

You’re always busting it, saving it, covering it or laughing it off. But how much time do you actually devote to sculpting your butt? My guess, probably not enough.

Most all people — guys and gals alike — want a nice defined pair of perky glutes, but turn to myths like “spot reduction” cardio, sprinting, and fancy (but otherwise unnecessary) exercises to get the butt they want.  

If you want to really sculpt your glutes, there are a few basic key exercises to perform and perfect, along with clean eating, that will grant you the backside you so desire.

You will not find any “quick tricks” or “booty building hacks,” in this article, if that is what you’re searching for; this article isn’t for you.

However, if you’re ready to learn the simple science of building goddess-like glutes, and you’re ready to put in the hard-work and dedication it takes, please, continue reading.

First things first – let’s start with what NOT to do.

On the quest for glorious glutes, many people turn to machines like the Stair-Climber or the incline treadmill. They believe “spot reduction”, or losing fat from specific areas of the body by targeting those areas, will help isolate and sculpt their glutes and thus end up spending absurd amounts of time slaving away on such machines. While it might seem like the best way to obtain a leaner, better defined booty; it won’t.

Targeted fat loss is a myth. You CANNOT choose where your body loses weight from; it is an all over process. Meaning you cannot trim in specific areas, instead you must reduce your overall body fat, and as an end result, every area of your body will lean out. Some may lean out more than others, but you should see an overall effect in weight-loss, after a decent amount of time.

Secondly, sprinting is a great exercise, and many people assume it is the key to having a nice butt because sprinters generally have great glutes. However, sprinting alone cannot deliver results like that, and it is important to remember sprinters also lift weights, which is why most of them have such impressive, muscular physiques.

That isn’t to say sprinting won’t help you gain your desired glutes, because it will. However, building butt muscles effectively comes primarily from resistance training and weight training.

There are many, many “quick fixes,” schemes, and fancy exercises put out there to try and sell you the perfect “Brazilian butt”. Just know they’re lying and there is one and only one thing you need to do to build a nice derriere. And no, it is not getting a Brazilian butt lift.

Strengthen the gluteus maximus and minimums muscles along with the hamstrings.

That’s it. That is the secret to building an awesome butt. How exactly do you do this, you ask?

There are generally two main mistakes people make when beginning to build their butts.

They either do the wrong exercises, or they do too much high-rep training.

Machines and isolation exercises are fine, when you’re not spending all your time on them. Compound movements like squats and deadlifts are the exercises that are going to get you results. And rather than spend all your time at a semi-challenging weight doing more reps, it is best to challenge yourself and do fewer reps at a higher weight; this will build strength instead of eventually leading you to hit a plateau.

The best exercises for building your booty are:

1.       Squats

2.       Deadlifts

3.       Hip Thrusts

4.       Lunges

5.       Romanian Deadlifts


6.       Bulgarian Split Squats


Let’s begin with squats. There’s a good reason why you see people with great bodies squatting regularly. It is the single most effective for building, not only your glutes, but your quads and hamstrings as well.

There are many key factors that go into squatting with proper form. (This article will teach you all you need to know about proper form.) Here, I’m going to provide 2 important tips that relate to butt building specifically.

1)      Squatting Deep

The deeper you squat, the better you target your butt and the more work your legs and butt have to do.

2)      Wide Stance

Keeping a wide stance while you squat also targets the butt more. Research shows that when squatting with relatively heavy weights, a wide stance increases the amount of activation in the quads and glutes.  

Before we continue, I’d like to address a question I get asked quite frequently. Squats vs leg press? If you’re after optimal leg mass and development, both are great exercises. However, for the sake of glute and hamstring development, squats give you greater ROM (Range of motion) and are optimal for the development of your butt.  


Deadlifts are an impeccable exercise. Deadlifting builds a tremendous amount of whole body strength, while heavily involving your hamstrings and glutes. Deadlifting is also an amazing exercise because it gives you the freedom to go up in weight quite significantly, which is the key to building muscle as efficiently as possible.

Much like the squat, you have to be very careful with your form when deadlifting. Click here to learn the proper form.

Before you ask, research shows conventional deadlifts and sumo deadlifts are equally effective for training glutes, you can’t go wrong either way.

Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts, my personal favorite, are like the bread and butter of building booty. There are tons of different variations of hip thrusts you can do, hip thrusts with weight, hip thrusts on the smith machine, etc.  But barbell hip thrusts are probably the most standard. You can find the proper form for barbell hip thrusts, along with a video, by clicking here.


Lunges are another favorite when it comes to booty building. Although lunges are thought to be a quad-dominated exercise, research shows that glutes are involved when pulling back into the starting position. The most traditional lunge is the forward lunge. You can perform these with your bodyweight, or a weighted bar or dumbbells to make them more intense. If you cannot perform forward lunges due to knee issues, you may want to try reverse lunges.

Romanian Deadlifts

Romanian deadlift vs deadlift? Is one better than the other? The answer is no.

The Romanian deadlift is a variation of deadlifting that works your lower back much more than conventional deadlifts and specifically targets your hamstrings, making it a commendable addition to any glute routine. It is important to remember training hamstrings is as equally important as training glutes when developing the backside you want.

Here’s how to do them.

You can also perform a Romanian deadlift with dumbbells, as another variation to deadlifting.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Last but not least on our list of the best booty building exercises is another variation of a squat, with a bit more of a challenge. The lunge-like movement is extremely effective for targeting glutes and quads; and here’s how it works: “Bulgarian Split Squats.”

This article covers the ultimate approach to building booty. It is now time for you to hit the gym and put your new-found knowledge to good use! Your first step should be creating a 30-day plan for yourself and outlining a goal – focusing the majority of your time and energy on maximizing glute growth.

Be sure not to neglect the rest of your body. Instead dial down the tone of other workouts (both in intensity and volume) to leave room for you to really hammer your posterior chain for the next 30 days.

Hence the 30 day suggestion, by the way.

This is not a balanced full-body routine that should be done for an extended period of time.


Maximize Muscle Growth

I saved this section for last because proper training and diet are the most important keys to building a great physique. However, additional to these, you can do things that will maximize the effects of your good diet and training. Now, you don’t necessarily need protein supplements to gain muscle, but you do need quite a bit of protein each day to maximize muscle growth. For example, a good nitric oxide booster and muscle-builder will help you see the results of your hard work much quicker. OptiNOs is a natural vasodilator and muscle builder that has been clinically tested and proven to maximize protein intake by 70%, instead of the 10-25% of protein your body naturally consumes. Here you can find a video explanation of how OptiNOs works in your body.

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The Bottom Line-

As you can see building a bigger butt is pretty straightforward; you don’t need any fancy tips, tricks or gimmicks. Hard work, the proper training, diet, and if you want an extra boost, supplementation, will put you on the road to glorious glutes.


Happy Training!