The EC Sports story began over 25 years ago with Earth’s Creation USA. The founder of Earth’s Creation USA, Donald Passwaters, started his career with vitamins and supplements at the age of 17. He first swept floors in a large vitamin manufacturing facility, gradually moving up to become the operations manager. Once he learned much of the ins and out of the industry, he made a bold move and decided to start his own business, which today we know as Earth’s Creation USA.

Earth’s Creation USA is a family owned and run business that strives to deliver to their customers the best product possible, starting with the contents of each individual capsule. Our team of experts combines the latest research in nutritional science with the finest ingredients available to create quality supplements that work!

After building success throughout the years with our sports nutrition private label products, we launched our own sport nutrition brand, EC Sports.

What sets EC Sports apart from other sports nutrition companies?

Integrity: We are a family run business who believes in producing products that are effective with no additives that can be potentially harmful.

Transparency: We are not like most other sports nutrition companies, which are first and foremost profit driven marketing agencies concerned solely about the dollar symbol next to their product. We believe sales grow through delivering excellence and establishing trust.

Efficacy & Excellence: Our quality assurance comes first. We test every ingredient that enters our facility to ensure it is of the highest quality, and we will hold back production to ensure we are delivering the cleanest and best product available. Every capsule counts, and every ingredient serves a purpose.