Vital Tips to Build Bigger Biceps

Building bigger biceps is on the top of the list for many people outlining their fitness goals. Bicep workouts are one of the keys to unlocking the innate potential of your muscles, helping them look and feel their absolute best.

Building bigger biceps does not have to be unnecessarily difficult, and there are some essential tips to help you do it in a relatively short amount of time. Before you start to worry, it is definitely possible to improve your bicep game without setting foot in a gym. You can apply these tips to your workout routine without ever leaving your home.


Make sure to have a pair of dumbbells that are a comfortable weight (this rings true for anything from a dumbbell to a barbell). When it comes down to it, pick reps over weight every time. You want to be sure to work your muscles thoroughly instead of just tiring yourself out with equipment that is too heavy. You can use dumbbells for bicep curls, which are a phenomenal exercise to bulk up your arms. Make sure you do a few sets with a dozen or reps, giving yourself about a minute between each set to recover.


On the topic of recovery, make sure that you are giving your muscles enough time to rest in between workouts. Working them too hard or too often is not only unhealthy for you but also counterproductive to your goal. If you fail to give your muscles proper recovery time, you will end up damaging them or even impairing their growth rate. Anything more than about half an hour a week is probably too much of a good thing. Remember that your other workouts are often going to work your biceps, as well, so there is no need to give them too much solitary attention.


In fact, focusing on your biceps alone will result in fewer gains over time. You should make sure to engage the wider muscle groups in your arms, especially your triceps. This will help you burn more calories and slim down, as well as build muscle throughout your arms. Exercises like dips, military presses, and close grip bench presses are all effective ways to work your entire arms. Make sure to give some attention to your shoulders and back, too, as they are essential to supporting your arms during exercise.


It is important to go into each workout hydrated and healthy in order to achieve the maximum pump. But why is the “pump” important? As you continue to attain pumps during your workouts your body tries to adapt by increasing the size and number of capillaries, this creating a better environment in the body for for your muscles to attain nutrients and oxygen. Thus creating better conditions in the body for muscle building. Great pumps also stretch the fascia that encapsulate your muscles; if your fascia is too tight it will inhibit the growth of your muscles. This resulting in a hindrance in you achieving your gains. The best workouts to achieve a pump is lower weight and higher reps.


In all your exercise, make sure to keep good form. Bad form is a quick way to not only waste a workout by making it far less productive but even to injure yourself. Of course, if you get hurt or damage muscles, it will take you even longer to get your biceps looking as planned.


Finally, no workout is complete without a good diet to accompany it. Make sure your diet is rich in protein and the vitamins it needs to thrive, and avoid excess carbs.

With these tips combined, you may find your muscles straining through your sleeves before you know it.