Pre-workout VS. Energy Drinks Best Pre-Workout Drink

Don’t worry, we forgive you for thinking pre-workout supplements and energy drinks are the same thing. Yes, they both provide energy, however pre-workouts are specifically designed to boost your performance in the gym by improving your endurance, strength, focus and energy. Begging the question, can you substitute energy drinks with pre-workout supplements? Well, yes you can, but should you? The answer is no. Energy drinks are loaded up with caffeine and sugar, having negative effects on your body. Let’s dive into why pre-workout powders triumph over any and every energy drink, and by the end of this blog, you’ll never choose an energy drink over OptiForce pre-workout again!

OptiForce Pre-Workout vs Energy Drink Caffeine

  • OptiForce contains natural caffeine vs energy drinks who use artificial caffeine

  • OptiForce does not have an insane amount of caffeine, like most other pre-workouts & energy drinks

Energy drinks have a lot of caffeine, usually chemically made, which is why so many people experience headaches and crashes not long after drinking them. However, a natural pre-workout, such as OptiForce, contains 200mg of natural caffeine derived from green coffee bean and green tea extract, leaving you with no crashes, headaches, or jitters.

Too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and, occasionally, rapid heartbeat. “Bang” for example, contains 300mg of caffeine, a dosage that most people are not used too. A limit of 400mg per day is generally considered safe for the overwhelming majority of healthy people.

  • Scientifically, it has been proven that excessive consumption of artificial caffeine, sugar, and artificial sweeteners has negative short and long term effects on the body.

More bang for your buck.

  • A serving of OptiForce is approximately $1.30 per serving

Bringing you to a total of $26 dollars at the end of the month. Assuming you work out 5x a week.


  • $2.50 for an energy drink

Bringing you to a total of $50 dollars per month, assuming you only drink one (1) on days you exercise, 5x a week.

What’s Inside?

OptiForce is an all natural pre-workout, and contains NO fillers, dyes, artificial colors or flavors. In fact, 14 out of the 15 grams of ingredients in OptiForce are different active ingredients.

The problem with most energy drinks if while they may have some decent ingredients, there’s no way to tell exactly how much of those ingredients you’re receiving. Specifically speaking about BANG, aside from caffeine, one cannot seem to locate exactly how much of these ingredients are in each can of BANG. It’s not on the label, and it’s not on the company’s official website. Consumers have no idea how much BCAA’s, CoQ10, or creatine is actually in the drink. It could very likely be trace amounts too small to do anything beneficial.

With OptiForce, there are no secrets, you know exactly what ingredients you’re getting, and exactly what amount of each ingredient you’re ingesting. It’s right there on the label.

Top Energy Drinks vs. OptiForce Pre Workout

16 oz. BANG (regular): 300mg caffeine, 0g carbohydrates, 0g sugar.

16 oz. Monster Energy (regular): 160mg caffeine, 54g carbohydrates, 54g sugar

16 oz. Red Bull (regular): 160mg caffeine, 56g carbohydrates, 56g sugar

16 oz.  Rockstar  (regular): 144g caffeine, 54g carbohydrates, 54g sugar

1 Scoop of OptiForce (14g) – 200 mg caffeine, 0g carbohydrates, 0g sugar, and 14 grams of ingredients scientifically proven to improve performance.

Why Not Take Energy Drinks over Pre-Workout?

Energy drinks typically contain a huge amount of sugar to mask the bitter taste of caffeine, which in return result in an insulin spike - leading to a caffeine crash. Even an energy drink without sugar has a substantial amount of caffeine and other stimulants, which tend to exceed the recommended daily dose per serving. 200mg of caffeine is considered a healthy dose of caffeine, which will improves one’s performance in the gym. However, many energy drinks have much more than 200mg of caffeine AND most contain stimulants on top of that.

It is important to remember when you are hitting the gym, while you understandably want to see astonishing results, you also need to STAY HEALTHY.

What is a Pre Workout Supplement exactly?

If you are looking for a detailed explanation on what exactly pre-workout supplements are, our blog Pre-Workout 101 will give you an in depth insight to the world of pre-workout supplements, their purpose, and ingredients. However, in short, they are a supplement you take 15-20 minutes prior to your workout to give you an energy boost.

The best workout supplements contain ingredients that you feel immediately. You should experience:

  • Increased Energy - Get the energy to get you to gym, through your workout, and after

  • Increased Strength or “Pump”- Feel increased power during your workout to help you hit new PR’s

  • Increased Endurance - Workout harder and longer with increased endurance, allowing you to achieve your goals faster

  • Increased Focus- Stay focused during your workout by achieving muscle-mind connection making the most of every workout

If you are looking to achieve your fitness goals faster, we definitely recommend adding a pre-workout supplement to your workout regimen – whether you’re aiming to lose body fat or pack-on muscle mass, having that extra boost will get you the results you want, at a faster pace.