12X Increase in Arm Size??

12X Increase in Arm Size.....A Deeper Dive Into the Bold Claim

Since its release, skeptics have questioned the remarkable claim of “12x average increase in arm size” with this revolutionary product....and for good reason, it’s a bold claim. So, lets break down the science behind this claim and what the clinical trials showed.

First things first......

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is by definition any research study that prospectively assigns human participants or groups of humans to one or more health related interventions to evaluate the effects on health outcomes. Simply put, it’s a detailed study of any new test or treatment (or supplement in our case) and how it affects a person's health.

Why are clinical trials important?

Clinical trials are needed not only to evaluate a treatments (or supplements) safety in humans but also to verify that they are actually working. By examining every detail and setting many controls to compare against, scientists can validate information about products claim and confidently release for public consumption.

Many clinical trials are done in a comparison to a placebo group (or group not actually given the treatment). And most are written in long form and are fairly difficult to navigate for someone who's never seen them, so I will lay the results out in a simple and easy to understand way.

How we did it...

During the testing phase of this product, exercise trained individuals underwent a double-blind study. Put simply, this means that everyone received the exact same serving size of the exact same number of capsules, but only half of the test pool got the capsules filled with the patented OptiNOs formula. Being a “double blind” study, not even the people handing out the servings had knowledge of which participants received the OptiNOs and which received the placebo.

Testing was conducted over the course of 42 days and one evaluation taken was on the arm circumference of all test subjects. Subjects left and right arm circumference were measured, under the same conditions, on day 1 of the test and the final day of the test.

Results are in, and they show something remarkable....

Subjects administered the OptiNOs, as a collective, had an average 12x greater increase in arm circumference compared against the average of the placebo group`s increase! This means measuring the increase in arm circumference of all individuals, then finding the average increase for both groups, the average increase (growth) of the OptiNOs group was 12x more than the average of the increase of the placebo group.

That’s a huge difference, especially for subjects that are already trained and active!

Numbers don't lie!

The placebo group saw an average of 0.05cm of growth, while the OptiNOs group boasts a growth of 0.60cm. Over the course of only 42 days, in already fit individuals, these numbers are astonishing!

Still not a believer? Give it a try!

So yes, the claim is true and yes, the results are staggering. No, this does not mean your arms will be 12x bigger and super hero status in 42 days, that wouldn’t even be cool. That would mean you go from 15in arms today 180 in arms in 42 days......That doesn’t sound like fun at all. But what this product will do, is allow for substantial, clinically proven results in arm size, strength, and endurance. The results speak for themselves. Still not convinced, use the link below with discount code: OPTINOS for $10 off and try OptiNOs today to see just what its capable of.

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