1000 Rep Arm Workout Challenge




Welcome to the....EC Sports Training Lab!

We're pumped to show you our brand-new facility, from which we will be slinging you all the latest fitness content, movement education, and product breakdowns of our latest and greatest supplements.

With that, what a better way to welcome you in than with a fun and unique workout that will shake up your boring routine and give you that sleeve splitting arm pump you've been searching for....

"What workout is that" you ask?

The 1,000 Rep Arm Workout Challenge.

Here’s something you need to know before we jump into it:

Light weights with higher reps will NOT magically get you shredded, and these style workouts are no replacement for your heavier 4,6, and 8 rep sets with heavier weight. Keep an open mind to rep ranges but understand your muscle fibers respond to a need to produce force in order to move a weight. With that in mind, understand that you can attain different goals with different training styles, but if you’re looking to build muscle, never forsake the heavy sets of 6-8.

This workout is not meant to get you jacked overnight, but what it will do is give you an insane pump (if you are properly hydrated) and help you build work capacity in the arm department.

This workout will not only help you gauge the endurance of your biceps and triceps, but will test your willpower and see what you`re made of. The goal is to complete all the reps, don’t cheat yourself.

That being said, there is a big difference in the “burn” and injury. Burning in the targeted muscle is a sign that the specific muscle cannot clear lactic acid as quickly as its being built up, and the harder you push the more intense this burn can be. Understand that burning is normal, especially in longer duration sets, but if you feel you are heading towards injury, drop the weight and concentrate on good form.

Something as simple as slowing the movement down can increase intensity without adding weight.

Now let’s jump into….the "1,000 Rep Arm Workout."

This workout can be completed using 4 sets of 25 or 5 sets of 20, whichever your preference.

The preferred movements will be different depending on who you ask- but these are some of our favorites…..

The Top 10 Arm Exercises to Include in This Challenge:

Seated Hammer Curls

Classic move, using a neutral grip with your thumbs pointed toward the ceiling. This style curl will keep you from using momentum to swing the weight up and focus on widening the biceps.

Kettlebell Tate Press

This movement from the legendary Dave Tate, made popular by the late John Meadows, will focus on getting full stretch at the bottom of the movement where using a traditional dumbbell will not allow a full stretch at the bottom. Pro tip: place your alternate hand in the crease of your arm to stabilize the working arm and ensure good form and technique.

Supinated Standing Dumbbell Curl

Turn your thumbs out and palms toward the sky. Another classic curl variation targeting a higher peak.

Dual Handle Push Down

Keep it slow and steady here. This movement has two different variations using rope grips or handles. For this workout, we used the less common single sponge handles. Focus on driving the weight down with the triceps and flaring at the bottom.

Barbell Curl

Keeping it old school with this one! Grab that barbell, get whatever grip is comfortable for you and knock out these sets. Form is always the key, but on these try to get a little tempo going (without rocking back and forth too much) and see how it feels.

Skull Crusher

Make sure you understand your body, your triceps capacity, and the proper form on these. Failure to do so will lead you to experience first hand why they are called “skull crushers”

If need be, make a friend and have a spotter for this move. Pro tip: go slightly behind the head for better stretch.

EZ Bar Reverse Curl

This one will target the brachialis, and as a bonus you get a lot of forearm work, specifically in you brachioradialis. The overhand grip will require you to drop that weight. Don’t let ego hinder your progress, get a lighter weight. Pro tip: rotate your thumbs to the top of the bar for comfort and added forearm targeting.

Double Cable Tricep Extension

Although you are using both triceps for this exercise, this move forces you to focus on your triceps individually due to them being on separate cables. This is great for helping with strength imbalances.

Single Cable Cross Body Curl

Use the cross body curl to jam blood into the bicep. This contributes to building thicker arms. You will feel shoulder mobilization in this so make sure to squeeze that bicep at top and don’t twist your grip. Maintain the neutral grip throughout the entire movement.

Neutral Grip Pushup

Finally, burn it out with this one. Using a diamond hand placement or the edge of a narrow bench, lock those elbows to your side and drive with the triceps. Try not to get in a bouncing rhythm with this one. Maintain steady movement and slow down the pace.

Did you make the most of this workout?

Proper hydration is key for the all coveted “super pump”, be sure to be properly hydrated before and after this one.

And as far as recovery….chances are you`re going to be sore. That is unless you're taking clinically tested OptiNOs, which increases lactate clearance by 140%, drastically decreasing soreness and recovery time. OptiNOs will also make the most out of that post workout shake or meal by directing 4x more of the protein consumed specifically for muscle building than by just taking protein alone.

That’s all for now! Keep your eyes peeled for new videos and other content coming soon.