L-Carnitine 5000mg

Go ahead and search for L-Carnitine online, you will not find much in the way of high-potency supplementation, especially in Liquid form. Most capsules tap out at 1000mg per 2, and it is rare to find a liquid that has more than 3,000mg per serving. Here at Earth's Creation, however, we offer one of the best products you can purchase. Our L-Carnitine 5000 mg is unique to the market in that it is so densely packed with L-Carnitne, it is impossible to find another product with more milligrams per tablespoon. It also tastes great, featuring orange and pineapple flavor, leaving you feeling energized and ready to take on your next tasks. Our L-Carnitine 5000mg also includes 10mg of Vitamin B-5 (100% daily value).

What makes L-Carnitine great is how effective it is as an amino acid for transferring long-chain fatty acids into fuel for your body to burn during a workout. Also, if you are on a diet, L-Carnitine helps keep you energized if you feel depleted and lethargic. While there are a whole host of extra benefits said to derive from taking L-Carnitine, including helping retain bone mass and supporting brain function, helping exercisers is its bread and butter.

The other great thing about this product is how it promotes muscle growth and mass, as well as strength. In a supplement form, you can fill your body with 5000mg in just one tablespoon before heading off to the gym and working hard. One bottle gives you a months’ supply.


Feel free to check out our small but powerful sports nutrition line, including Recovery 8000 which combines L-Carnitine and molecular 0-sized Collagen peptides to maximize muscle growth and recovery.

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**Always consult a healthcare practitioner or doctor before use, especially if nursing or pregnant.