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Greens & Reds SuperFood + Mental Boost

Greens & Reds + Brain Boost is formulated with ingredients full of nutrients sourced directly from premium superfoods that aren’t a part of our everyday diet plus 4 specialized blends which include:

- Mental Boost Blend
- Adaptogen Blend
- Digestive Reset Blend
- Probiotic Blend

  • Supports Overall Health

  • Supports Memory,  Focus, and Overall Brain Health

  • Aids in  Healthy Digestion

  • Supports a Healthy Inflammation Response
Supplement Facts
  • 100% MONEYBACK guarantee

As a family owned business customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund your purchase 100% within 60 day 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Ashton McLucas
love them

I overall feel better

Jason Hemmens
Love it!

I feel mental clarity and energy when I take them!

Brantly Haigler
Great Product

I love this stuff. Have been using for over a year. It gets my day started, and helps me feel good throughout the day.

Mark smith
Great product

I’ve been using this product for a couple months, so expensive than the other powders on the market and has a great flavor

Very good product but a little too sweet

Been using this for around a month and like it, a little sweet for my liking and wish it came in more flavors but overall enjoy it

  • Supplement Facts
  • Ingredient Breakdown 

Supplement Facts

Ingredient Breakdown